Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame


Dogma (1999) -  It Can Be Hell Getting Into Heaven

-So for their insolence God decreed that neither Loki nor Bartleby would ever be allowed back into Paradise.

-Were they sent to hell?

-Worse. Wisconsin…


Peter Capaldi gifs are a gift from God on a slow Monday afternoon.

We weren’t allowed to use Star Wars merchandise during the first series because The Phantom Menace was about to come out and they clamped down. When they saw how Star Wars-loving the first series was, they actually came to us and said we could have anything we want. By which time we were like, “We don’t fucking want it.” - Simon Pegg

Dean Learner: And I went, “This is news to me, sweetheart. I made this show, with my sweat and blood… I spent the last 4weeks of my life making this show! Do you want it?” No, they say. So I’m, y’know, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, having to sell 40episodes of a medical-based, horror show… um, with no one buying it. That’s why we had to put it out in Peru. Thank god for the Peruvian market.